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What I need to do when the pcp compressor can not filling

ZhongYan 4500psi high pressure gauge compressor is designed for pcp airgun cylinder, if you find the compressor is hard to fill a cylinder-the pressure can not go up 4500psi or go up slowly. Please check the screw, you can use some suds, you can find where is leaking easily and tighten it. Then try again.

If you can sure all the screws be tighten, and no leaking. You can try to clear the inner valve as follows:





1.Loosen the 4 screws







2.Loosen the 4 hex screws on the top







3.The topper can be off, and you can find the inner valve








4.Clear the inner valve, and make sure the o ring is well (the o ring will be damaged by high temperature)







5.Put back the valve to the notch on the topper, you can use some water or silicone oil to prevent valve falling






6. Please make sure that the valve is still sticked on the topper, then tighten all the screws





Try the compressor again, and i think the problem be solved. To know more details, you can just send email by Most professional service can be provided.

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What different between 3 stage and 4 stage hand pcp pump?

Zhongyan 3 stage up to 4500psi is special design for airgun cylinder,  stainless steel construction, cooled liquid filled can keep the hand pump in low temperature and the liquid will not be frozen even -20℃.

There is a better pump than 3 stage hand pump, that is 4 stage pump. The biggest different between 3 stage and 4 stage is the CONSTRUCTION. The 3 stage pump included total three tubes, but four tube the 4 stage have. It can makes the 4 stage pump up to 5000 or 5500 psi, and that will be more easy to fill a cylinder.

Usually, the max pressure of airgun cylinder can be held is 4500psi, but as a professional pcp pump manufacturer, we suggest 3000psi filled is enough for airgun cylinder. 4500psi is a very high pressure, if you fill 4500psi to cylinder every time, the lifetime of pcp pump will be shorten.

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