About Us


We are the factory established on 2010, that only produce pcp hand pump and electric compressor. And in order to service customers and do export business better and convenient, our trade office was established on 2017 at Ningbo, Zhejiang. Now we are one of the largest pcp pump manufacturer, produce and sell more than 100,000 units pumps every year, and some famous airgun brands also have the cooperation with us – OEM or develop new compressors for them.

Some new projects are being prepared, about to develop or improve current pcp compressor market, make the compressors much more stable and safety. Take our new three cylinder compressor as an example, it’s a new compressor that don’t need water cooling any more, it will makes people much more easy to use, don’t worry about over-heat and damaged compressor. What’s more, it’s quality will be much different, can work really long time and will be a good choice for large air tank, like 6.8L or 9L.

Like what we mentioned, we produce nothing but only pcp pump, pcp compressor and related accessories. So we can focus on development and design, provide more and more new products every year. We hope all the pcp compressor can be much more safe and easy to fill your airgun or airsoft products, and can be more portable. What will happen if there will be a compressor, which don’t need to connect power every times and can be recharged? It will be, because we are already developing.

For more details, you can contact us through email via aven.shang@hijinjiao.com or cell +86-15158395160 (whatsapp)