90mm Up To 5800PSI 40MPa Digital Pressure Gauge

  • Over 15 years pressure gauge manufacture experience
  • Qualification rate >98%, 1 year warranty
  • You can get one free, if broken within one year
  • Well-known brand in pressure gauge market in China
  • Provide one-stop pressure gauge solution


Digital pressure controller is a pressure measurement, display, control and integration of high precision intelligent pressure gauge. It has the characteristics of simple operation, good seismic performance, high control precision and long service life, which can directly replace the mechanical electric contact pressure gauge.

The pressure controller can achieve low pressure stop, high pressure start or low pressure start, high pressure stop control function, the control pressure range is adjustable. With a reversing control, delayed output, error cleared, the unit freely switch, leakage voltage protection, password protection, automatic pressure detection start and stop timing and other functions.

Can be widely used in fluid equipment, building water supply, machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical chemicals, automation machinery and other fields of control

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Digital Pressure Gauge

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